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Bulk snaps & special colours


Order special colours or bulk quantities of T5 snaps. These are sold per 1,000 full sets.

Please note lead time on these orders is usually 2-4 weeks and can vary depending on customs. If there are other items in your order that you need us to send straight away, please order them separately. If we happen to have stock of the quantity/colours you have ordered, we will send it straight away.

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Order bulk or special colours we do not usually stock. View our in-stock colours available in all quantities here.

All special colours and bulk orders are subject to a minimum quantity of 1,000 sets per colour. Lead time on these orders is 2-4 weeks.

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Light Red (B1), Midnight Navy (B2), White (B3), Dark Grey (B4), Black (B5), Dark Brown (B6), Yellow (B7), Bright Blue (B8), Olive Grey (B9), Sunset Yellow (B10), Gold (B11), Bronze (B12), Medium Silver (B13), Spring Green (B14), Dusty Rose (B15), Royal Blue (B16), Coral (B17), Pastel Pink (B18), Pastel Green (B19), Pastel Blue (B20), Pale Pink (B21), Ivory (B22), Light Tan (B23), Light Grey (B24), Tan (B25), Rusty Brown (B26), Steel Blue (B27), Dark Lavender (B28), Jade Green (B29), Sage Green (B30), Hunter Green (B31), Denim Blue (B32), Azalea Pink (B33), Plum (B34), Purple (B35), Neon Yellow (B36), Cream White (B37), Red (B38), Grey (B39), Pumpkin (B40), Violet (B41), Dark Tan (B42), Pearly White (B43), Apple Green (B44), Light Silver (B45), Teal (B46), Bright Pink (B47), Blue Bell (B48), Dark Purple (B49), Lime Green (B50), Kelly Green (B51), Dark Orange (B52), Sand (B53), Crimson Red (B54), Orange (B55), Bright Violet (B56), Medium Pink (B57), Light Navy (B58), Pool Blue (B59), Dark Silver (B60),


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