Mini Matters Omnia Snap-In-One Diaper

Our ULTIMATE Modern Cloth Diaper Solution

The ultimate, most versatile diaper in our range, made to the highest quality from the best fabrics available. It offers the best in ease of use and comfort and can be used in many different ways to suit your baby’s needs.

OMNIA - One-Size-Fits-Most

OMNIA - Customisable Absorbency

OMNIA - Snap-In Natural Fibre Soakers

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Wash, Care & Prep Instructions

Wash soaker set a minimum of three times on 40°C with cloth diaper friendly detergent (no fabric softener), drying in between. This will ensure that the natural fibers become fully absorbent. The soakers will shrink after the first few washes to fit the diaper shell perfectly.
Snap the soakers into the shell. If your baby is sensitive to wetness, stuff the soaker into the lining for stay-dry fabric against the skin. Fasten diaper onto baby adjusting waist and rise snaps as needed. Always check the leg elastics to ensure that they are snug but comfortable around baby’s thighs without any leg gaps. For extra absorbency, another booster or insert can be added.
Diapers can be washed by hand or by machine. No need to soak them. Simply shake off excess solids into the toilet and leave them in your dry bucket until wash day. The most effective washing routine includes:

  1. Rinse cycle
  2. Wash on 30 to 40 degrees (a cold wash works just as well) using detergent of your choice
  3. Rinse again.

You might need to do an additional rinse if there is still some detergent or soap in the water. Fabric softener should never be used when washing your diapers. Line dry your diaper, soakers may be tumble dried on a low heat. Diaper shells should not be tumble dried. Do not use bleach on your diaper shell as this may compromise the waterproofing.

If the rise is too high on your baby, simply snap down the front rise snaps to the appropriate size. Leg elastics should be snug, but comfortable. You should still be be able to easily slide a finger under the diaper when it is on your baby.