Hemp Flats (3 pack)


Mini Matters organic Hemp Flats are an effective and affordable cloth diapering option. Recommended for use with a Mini Matters Waterproof Cover or MINI Waterproof Cover (sold separately).

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Product Description

Mini Matters organic Hemp Flats are an affordable and effective cloth diapering option. Hemp is one of the most absorbent fabrics while being very trim which makes it an excellent option for flats. They can be folded in a variety of ways to provide the best possible fit on your baby and make an excellent night-time solution when paired with a Mini Matters Hemp Trifold and Waterproof Cover or MINI Waterproof Cover. Hemp flats will become more absorbent after a few washes.

Our flats are stretchy which makes them very comfortable and can be fastened with a Snappi® fastener. They require a cover to make them waterproof.

Advantages of flats:

  • Quick drying and can be easily hand washed.
  • One size fits all.
  • One of the most absorbent choices for cloth diapering.
  • Affordable.
  • Different folds can be done according to where you need the most layers.
  • Economical, newborn flats can be used padfolded for extra absorbency in larger size nappies.

Please note:

Due to the irregular nature of hemp fabric, your flats may not be a perfect square after washing. The fabric will shrink after the first few washes and therefore the size stipulated is approximate and indicated as size after shrinkage. Some rolling of the seams may occur after washing, this will not affect the function of your nappy and can be minimized by shaking out and reshaping the nappy while damp. Be sure to follow wash instructions as indicated on care label, 40°C wash with optional tumble drying on low.

Caring for your nappies


Nappies can be washed by hand or by machine. No need to soak nappies. Simply shake off excess solids into the toilet and leave them in your dry bucket until wash day. The most effective washing routine includes:

  1. Rinse cycle
  2. Wash on 30 to 40 degrees (a cold wash works just as well) using detergent of your choice
  3. Rinse again.

You might need to do an additional rinse if there is still some detergent or soap in the water. Fabric softener should never be used when washing your nappies. Line dry or tumble dry on a low heat.

Bum Cream

Avoid using bum creams, barrier creams or petroleum jellies. These affect the absorbency of your nappy and can cause build­-up on the fibres. We advise using coconut oil or a cloth friendly product if you feel the need to use something.

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Newborn (50 x 50cm), Standard (70 x 70cm)


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