Menstrual Sea Sponges


Menstrual Sea Sponges, biodegradable, non-polluting and eco-friendly alternative to tampons.


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Menstual Sea Sponges have been used by women for thousands of years, long before menstrual poducts became industrialized.

Sea sponges are plant-like creatures that grow in colonies on the ocean floor. Because they have no nervous system or senses, harvesting causes them no suffering. They regenerate from spores left behind after harvesting and are harvested responsibly and sustainably. They are a wonderful alternative to tampons as they are biodegradable, non-polluting and eco-friendly.

Sea sponges are worn internally like a tampon. They absorb menstrual blood without drying or abrading the vagina. Wet your sponge before inserting and squeeze the excess water out. Once it needs changing, gently remove it, rinse it under warm water and re-insert. You can also store your used sponge in a waterproof bag and insert a new one if you are out and about. We recommend that you rinse or change your sponge at least every 4 hours.

Between your cycle we recommend that you gently disinfect your sponges by soaking them in a warm cup of water with some tea tee oil, lavender oil or vinegar. Do not use harsh soaps as these can upset the pH of your vagina. Air dry your sponges and keep safely until your next cycle. Sea sponges can be re-used and last between 3-6 cycles.