Waterproof Cover


Mini Matters Waterproof Covers feature wipeable, stretchy PUL with an improved fit. One-size-fits-most Waterproof Covers for use with our Night Time Nappies.



Mini Matters one-size-fits-most Waterproof Covers are designed to fit babies 6 – 15kg in size. The covers can be used over our Night Time Nappies.

They are roomy and stretchy to fit perfectly over both day and nighttime diapers. The covers close with a double row of snaps to increase their size adjustability to fit your baby perfectly. Wide elastic casings ensure a gentle, comfortable but snug fit to prevent leaks and blowouts. Mini Matters Waterproof Covers do not need to be changed with every nappy change, making them an economical option for cloth diapering.

Washing Instructions:

Wash covers with your other cloth diapers in a normal machine cycle. Do not wash at temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, do not tumble dry. The use of bleach and other chemicals can damage the PU layer. Line dry with laminated side out of direct sunlight.