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Waterproof PUL Coral Swallows

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Polyurethane Laminate fabric (PUL). Price is quoted per yard.


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Product Description

Description: Polyurethane Laminated fabric (PUL) is a breathable waterproof fabric. It is soft, stretchy and pliable with a smooth knit on one side and a wipeable surface on the other side.           

Product uses: Cloth diaper waterproofing, cloth menstrual pad waterproofing, bibs, changing mats, mattress protectors, raincoats, wet bags etc.

Origin: Combination of local (South Africa) and imported

Content: 100% polyester with a PU laminate

Approx. Shrinkage: none

Fabric Width: 140cm – 150cm

Fabric Weight: Base fabric 135gsm with a 1mil PU laminate

Sewing Recommendations: Thin ballpoint needle, 100% polyester thread, walking foot recommended but optional, sew with laminated side facing down wherever possible.

Quantity Information: Quantity = number of yards. Fabric will be sent in individually cut yard lenghts.

Care Instructions: Cold wash up to 30 deg C, do not bleach. No tumble drying, line dry out of direct sunlight.

Warranty Information: All fabrics (especially natural fiber fabrics) may have small holes, marks or flaws in the fabric. These are out of our control, however we send extra meterage to make up for the defect. Light Colored fabrics may have some dirty marks, especially along the selvages due to transportation. These should wash right up and not affect the function of your fabric. Laminated fabrics may have some loose membrane along the selvages, this will not affect the function of your fabric.

Specs Disclaimer: This information is obtained by our suppliers. It is published for your general information only and does not represent a warranty or guarantee by Fabric Matters. Fabric Matters assumes no responsibility as to the accuracy or the suitability of the information or product for purchaser’s intended uses or application. The purchaser should conduct its own tests to determine the suitability of the material for their particular application. Product uses as mentioned above are only suggestions/ideas and testing should be done by the purchaser. Samples may be purchased for this purpose.

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