How the Mini Matters SNAP-DUO all-in-two nappy system works

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  You have probably heard all about the amazing advantages of all-in-two nappies; space saving, economical, easy to use etc. But how exactly do they work? Here we will tell you all you need to know. A true all-in-two nappy system consists of a wipeable, waterproof shell and inserts that snap into the shell. Unlike pocket style nappies, you only … Read More

Help! My cloth baby has a rash!

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There are many different baby bum creams on the market, but many are expensive and contain harmful ingredients. When using cloth nappies, we often don’t even need to use bum cream, but if you feel the need to or baby has very sensitive skin, it’s best to keep it natural. Natural ingredients will be safe for your cloth nappies and … Read More