SNAP-DUO all-in-two nappy system

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Introducing the Mini Matters Snap-Duo All-in-two nappy system V2. This system was voted SA’s favorite by South African Cloth Nappy Users in 2020!

An example of a full time Snap-Duo set

You have probably heard all about the amazing advantages of all-in-two nappies; space saving, economical, easy to use etc.

A true all-in-two nappy system consists of a wipeable, waterproof shell and inserts that snap into the shell. Unlike pocket style nappies, you only need to use one insert in your shell at a time as the Mini Matters Snap-Duo Inserts are trifold style (meaning its a large, square shaped insert which gets folded in three so you get all the absorbency you need in one piece with quick drying times). Because the shell is wipeable, it can be re-used around 3 times before it needs to be washed, assuming no poop gets onto the cover. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth in between changes. Here’s  how it works;

  1. Snap in the trifold insert, fold it along the stitched lines to form a long insert, and put the nappy on baby.
  2. When it’s time for a nappy change, remove the insert, wipe down the cover if necessary and place a clean insert in the shell.
  3. You can use the shell about 3 times this way before changing to a new one.


Using the Snap-Duo system means you end up needing fewer shells and pieces, so a full time stash takes up a lot less space and works out very affordable. These are also a great option for travelling as you only need to pop one shell with a few inserts in your nappy bag to ensure you have enough changes to last you a while. 

For the most economical option, we recommend that you purchase 3 inserts for every shell. For a full time daytime set we recommend around 7 covers with 21 inserts.

A full time daytime set can cost as little as R2800, the most affordable modern cloth diapering option available when compared to other options that offer the same level of superior absorbency.

Snap-Duo V2 – What has changed?

The Snap-Duo Inserts have recently had an upgrade and are now an even better option for all babies including heavy wetters. The new inserts offer 9 layers of 100% locally grown cotton with relatively quick drying times. This is superior to the absorbency you will find in most pocket-style nappies, and because the fabric is all natural, it gives an excellent trimness vs absorbency ratio. Our cotton inserts are also softer than before and the fibers are resistant to hardening over time.

While all-in-two nappies are a convenient option for daytime use, they are not ideal for use at nighttime. We recommend using our CLASSIC fitteds with Softshell Covers for nights. 


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    I just received my first order of the SNAP DUO covers and inserts. I don’t seem to be able to figure out how to fit the insert in the cover when using the nappy adjusted to its smallest size. The insert seems to be way too long no matter what trick I try. Would you please advise?


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