Elmarie Robson & Annelize Clark

Mini Matters is an exciting company based in Gauteng South Africa that specialises in creating cloth diapers (nappies) and various accessories for babies & moms. It is the brainchild of two sisters, Annelize and Elmarie.

Annelize is a mother, Occupational Therapist and Early Childhood Development specialist who teaches at a local remedial school in Johannesburg.

Elmarie is a mother and trained fashion designer based in Pretoria. She keeps the wheels rolling at Mini Matters on a full time basis.

Together they have created a line of products that are both practical and stylish. Our products are locally designed and manufactured to the highest standards with locally sourced materials wherever possible.

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8 Comments on “Who we are”

  1. Hi ladies

    I’m interested in buying the 3 pack terry fitteds. Will they hold up well at night?


    1. Hi Razaan, our terry nappies can be used at night, although we recommend using an extra booster or trifold if you have a heavy wetter. We have had great feedback about our terry nappies being used for nighttime.

    1. Hi Sandra

      I have sent you an email, please check your spam box if you did not receive it.

      Kind Regards

    1. Hi, ons is in Elarduspark, Pretoria. Jy is welkom om website bestellings te kom afhaal om te spaar op koerier koste. Laat weet ons net dan reel ons 🙂

  2. Hi my name is Kara. We need to get new nappies for my son. He is 4 years and 8 months. He is busy with potty training but he is allergic to latex. The pull up pants we use now is getting to small. Will the omnia pack fit him? His waist is about 65cm.

    1. Hi Kara, our nappies are designed for babies and while they are quite a generous cut I don’t think they will fit your 4 year old. You may need to get some custom made. Hope you come right!

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