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These masks are re-usable and made from a single layer of 100% cotton fabric.

Please scroll down for more info on this Cloth-for-Cause initiative. 

Please note: Fabric Face Masks do not replace medical grade masks.

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These are extraordinary times we live. Such times demand extraordinary action, innovation and compassion.

We at MiniMatters have decided that we cannot simply sit idly by, especially when we have access to means that can help others during this time. We have been working hard over the last few days to re-open our sales channels and manufacturing resources for the production and distribution of the Essential Hygiene Products that we can supply. 

One of these products is the re-usable fabric face mask. 

Over the last few weeks both the W.H.O. and US Government have made an about turn on their recommendations of the use of fabric face masks. There is growing consensus that the widespread use of face masks and barriers can be a valuable part of the fight against COVID-19. 

As part of this, we are working with our supplier to manufacture low cost face masks that we will give away to people and organisations that cannot afford to buy their own or are unable to source medical grade masks. Something is better than nothing right?

We will distribute 1 mask for every R25 raised. This money is simply covering material and labour costs and we are working to reduce the cost even more which will allow us to distribute even more.

We know times are tough for everyone, but if you do have the means and would like to contribute, please do so by ‘buying’ a version of this product (just as you would any other product on our website. Alternatively, you can deposit the money directly into our bank account with the reference ‘Mask Fund’.

Bank: FNB
Acc name: Mini Matters
Acc no: 62507883991
Branch: 250655
Ref: Mask Fund