OMNIA Snap-in-One

R230.00 (Incl VAT)

Mini Matters Omnia Diaper, our ultimate cloth diaper solution. Adjusts to fit babies 6-15 kgs. Each diaper consists of a shell and organic snap-in soaker set.




The OMNIA Diaper is our ultimate cloth diapering solution. This diaper is designed to be ultra convenient and versatile to suit everyone’s needs. We have combined our own exclusive prints with top quality fabrics to create a unique one-size-fits-most diaper solution. This diaper is designed to fit babies in the 6-16 kg weight range.

The OMNIA Diaper system consists of a breathable waterproof shell and separate soaker sets that snap into the shell for ease of use. Soaker sets will shrink to size and increase in absorbency after a few washes.

These diapers are proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa and come with a range of unique features.

Diaper shell features:

  • Breathable waterproof PU laminated polyester outer
  • Soft and luxurious moisture wicking lining
  • Double row waist snaps for size adjustability
  • Reinforced front panel for extra leak protection
  • Soft and stretchy for a comfortable fit
  • Room for additional boosting at nighttime
  • Soft and stretchy elastics that are gentle on the skin

Soaker set features;

  • Two adjustable organic hemp and cotton blend soakers
  • Soakers snap together with colour coded snaps
  • Super trim and super thirsty
  • Sewn channels to guide moisture towards the core rapidly

The OMNIA diaper system comes with the following adjustability features;

  • Choice to use it as a sleeve diaper with stay-dry fabric against the skin or a snap-in-one with natural cotton against the skin
  • Choice to use only one soaker or both for extra absorbency
  • Choice to have more absorbency in front for boys or towards center for girls

Please note: due to the nature of the fabric, the soaker sets will shrink and increase in absorbency to fit the diaper shell perfectly after a few washes.

Caring for your Diapers


Diapers can be washed by hand or by machine. No need to soak them. Simply shake off excess solids into the toilet and leave them in your dry bucket until wash day. The most effective washing routine includes:

  1. Rinse cycle.
  2. Wash on 30 to 40 degrees (a cold wash works just as well) using detergent of your choice.
  3. Rinse again.

You might need to do an additional rinse if there is still some detergent or soap in the water. Fabric softener should never be used when washing your diapers. Line dry or tumble dry soakers on low heat. Diaper shells should not be tumble dried. Do not use bleach on your diaper shell as this may compromise the waterproofing.

Bum Cream

Avoid using bum creams, barrier creams or petroleum jellies. These affect the absorbency of your nappy and can cause build­-up on the fibres. We advise using coconut oil or a cloth friendly product, such as the bum cream in our Cloth & Bum Care department, if you feel the need to use something.