Organic Reusable Cosmetic Rounds

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Organic, Reusable Cosmetic Rounds – set of 10 cosmetic rounds in a mesh bag for storage.

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Never throw cotton cosmetic rounds away again. These organic cloth cosmetic rounds can be used for make-up removal, gently cleaning your or baby’s face, to apply toner, or even to clean your menstrual cup when out and about. They are environmentally friendly and made from two layers unbleached, organic cotton/hemp fleece and are approximately 7cm in diameter. Each set consists of 10 cosmetic rounds in a handy mesh bag for washing or storage.

Wash Instructions:

Wash in a normal machine cycle on cool temperature. It is best to wash them in a Mesh Laundry Bag so they don’t get lost in your machine. Stains can be rubbed with our Pure Simple Stain-go Citrus Soap before putting them in the wash. Re-shape while damp. Because of the nature of the fabric they may lose their shape a little after washing but this will not affect their function.