Natural Bleach – Stain Remover and Deodorizer

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500g Natural Bleach granules.

A safe and natural way to remove tough stains and deodorize cloth nappies and pads, menstrual cups and clothing.


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Natural Bleach is a safe and natural way to deodorize and remove stains on your nappies, cloth pads, menstrual cups and clothing. It is color safe and will not damage fibers as other harsh cleaning products can. Everyday use of Natural Bleach will help prevent smells in your cloth nappies.

Suggested uses on our products:

  • For everyday clothing and nappy laundry, put 1 tbsp in your washing machine along with your regular detergent.
  • For stained inserts and cloth pads, soak stained items in 5L of warm water with 1 tbsp Natural Bleach granules.
  • For stain removal on menstrual cups, soak cup in¬† 300 ml of warm water with 1 tsp Natural Bleach granules. Rinse well and boil (as per normal sterilizing) before next use.

*Do not soak nappies and covers made of PUL as this can damage the waterproofing on your nappies. It is recommended to use Natural Bleach on inserts only and not the waterproof shells and covers, however it is safe to use a small amount of Natural Bleach granules in your regular washing machine cycle with nappy shells and covers included (As directed above).

Other household uses for Natural Bleach:

  • Deodorize drains
  • Remove mildew and grime from kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Clean carpets, furniture and upholstery

Natural Bleach granules is safe for grey-water systems, contains no chlorine, can be safely used on colours and is handmade in South Africa with natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Oxygen, Sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate