Slim Flats (Large)

R70.00 (Incl VAT)

Slim flats are made from 100% locally milled cotton fabric with a gentle stretch – exclusively dyed in specially selected colours.

OSFM 70cm x 70cm flats are suitable for babies approximately 7kgs and up.

These nappies need to be fastened with a Snappi Fastener and worn with a Waterproof Cover

We recommend using these flats with a cotton booster if your baby is a heavy wetter.



Mini Matters Slim Flats are great workhorses – think old school square nappies but made from trimmer and more modern fabric. A common complaint about the modern flats is that Snappi fasteners don’t grip the fabric as well as the old school towelling. We have overcome that challenge by using a special cotton material that has a flat loop finish which allows for very easy Snappi gripping when you fold your flats with the textured side facing outwards. While it may seem daunting to fold flat nappies, it is actually much easier than you think once you get the hang of it. If folding nappies is not for you, you can also padfold these nappies and use them together with our popular Snap-Duo shells. That way you get the benefit of fast drying, absorbent nappies without needing any folding skills.

For night time use, we suggest using two flats together, or and extra booster, or both. You can build the absorbency according to your baby’s needs – that’s what makes flats so wonderfully versatile!

Please note: Our cotton flats are made from a knitted cotton fabric. After the first wash your flats will be approximately 70cm x 70cm in size, but may not always be a perfect square due to the nature of the fabric. There may also be some rolling of the edges. Re-shaping and shaking them out while damp will give the best result in getting your flats to maintain their perfect shape.