R168.00R326.00 (Incl VAT)

SNAP-DUO all-in-two nappy. OSFM fits babies approximately 5 – 17kgs.

This nappy consists of a wipe-able shell and Soaker Inserts that snap in (You only need one insert per change). The shell can be wiped down and re-used between changes while only replacing the insert, so your most economical option is 3 inserts for every shell purchased. For more info on how this system works click here.

Additional Soaker Inserts can be purchased separately here.



The Mini Matters SNAP-DUO is an economical cloth diapering system that offers affordability, is space saving and versatile. The shell is used with our thirsty snap-in Soaker Inserts and can be re-used in between changes (provided no poop gets onto the cover) by simply replacing the insert when changing. It is a trim fitting shell which can also be used as a waterproof cover over daytime nappies such as flats and trim fitteds.

For a full-time daytime stash you will need about 6 shells and 20 inserts. For heavy wetters we recommend adding a Cotton Booster if needed.