Snap-In Trifold

R85.00R125.00 (Incl VAT)

100% cotton Snap-In Trifold Inserts to be used with our SNAP-DUO nappy shells.

These inserts offer 9 layers of superior absorbency with excellent trimness vs absorbency ratio and quick drying times.

These trifolds can also be used in most standard pocket nappies, making stuffing easier than ever.

If you have a heavy wetter or older toddler, we recommend using an additional booster with your trifold.

Find out how the Snap-Duo system works here.



Our snap-in Trifolds are made of 100% locally grown thirsty cotton. The trifold style (meaning it’s a large square insert that fold in three) allows for superior absorbency and quick drying times. These upgraded inserts are now softer and more absorbent than ever before!

Please note: Your inserts will shrink a little after the first wash due to the nature of cotton fabric. They will become more absorbent the more you wash them. We recommend that you wash them at least once before use to allow them to shrink to their true intended size.