If you are new to online shopping then this handy guide will explain it to you step by step.

Online shopping has come a long way and really is a fantastic, easy and safe way to buy stuff – so long as you stick to reputable shops and payment gateways.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Find something you like
  2. Add something awesome to your shopping trolley
  3. Check your Shopping Cart
  4. Continue shopping…
  5. Proceed to Checkout
  6. Choose how to pay
  7. Sit back & wait…


Find something you like


Browse our virtual store by clicking on the photo or title of the products to read more about them.


Add something awesome to your shopping trolley


Usually called a ‘Cart’, this is just like putting items in your trolley in a real shop. First, [1] choose your options (like size & colour from the dropdown menus), then [2] select the quantity and, finally, click [3] ‘Add to Cart’.


You will now see a [1] message at the top of your page that confirms you have added something to your cart. This is also reflected in the [2] main menu at the top.


Check your Shopping Cart


Click on the confirmation link or on your cart in the main menu.


Here you can [1] remove items from your cart or [2] adjust the quantity.

If you have a Coupon Code (sometimes called a Voucher / Gift Code), you can [3] enter it here.

Remember to click [4] ‘Update Cart’ if you make any changes.


Continue Shopping…

How-to-buy_06You can now go back to the ‘Shop’ and carry on shopping. The shopping cart will remember what you have placed in it, even if you close the webpage and come back a few days later.


Proceed to Checkout



Once you are happy with what you have in your Cart, you can click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’.


The ‘Checkout’ page is like being at the till. Fill in your billing details so we know who to expect payment from. This can be different to the delivery address and is usually the same address you give your bank.


If you would like us to keep your details to make shopping next time easier, then click the [1] ‘Create Account’ checkbox and fill in a [2] password. In future, you can use your [3] email address as a username with this password to log into your account on our site.

NB: Before you get nervous, just remember that this does NOT save any banking or card details!


If you want your items delivered to a different address – maybe you are buying items as a gift for someone special – then make sure [1] ‘Ship to a Different Address’ is checked and fill in the [2] delivery details. If you uncheck this section, we will automatically ship your items to the ‘Billing Address’.


If you have any special ‘Notes’, such as tips for our delivery man, you can add them here.


Choose how to Pay


Still on the ‘Checkout’ page, you will see a [1] confirmation of your order total and [2] two options for payment:

  1. EFT – most customers prefer to pay via EFT. We give you our account details and you simply transfer the money into our account. This method might take a day or two longer as we have to wait for your money to show in our account before processing your order.
  2. PayFast – this method uses a third party payment gateway called PayFast to process payment instantly from your VISA or MasterCard. We never see your card details at all. PayFast is a trusted South African company that processes transactions for many local websites, you can read more about them here.
  3. SnapScan – pay with your smartphone! We have recently added SnapScan which is also a local service that allows you to pay with a secure app on your smartphone. It is hands down the easiest way to pay! Find out more here.

Click on [3] ‘Place order’


If you chose to pay via EFT, you will now be shown a [1] confirmation message with your order number and our [2] banking details. You can now do the EFT from your own online banking profile. Please remember to use your order number (e.g.. #7283) as the reference. These details will also be emailed to you.


If you chose to pay via PayFast, you will be redirected to their website where you will be asked to create an account and enter your Credit/Debit Card details. Once the payment has been processed, we will be notified and will start processing your order immediately.


If you have not received a confirmation email of your order within a few minutes of placing the order, then please check your spam folder to see if it is there.


Sit back and wait

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait…

Most of our orders are processed with a day or two of payment but some may take up to 3 -5 business days to process. Once processed we will email you the tracking number from our shipping company.


We use only reputable courier companies, Fastway (if you live in a main city) or Aramax (if you live someplace quiet). We no longer ship via SAPO.

If you have any queries, please email us at sales@minimatters.co.za. You can also check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for more info.

Happy shopping!

– The Mini Matters Team