Free Cloth Diaper Patterns and Sewing Guides

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Free Cloth Diaper Patterns and Sewing Guides

There are many free cloth nappy patterns available for download. This is a good place to start if you would like to try your hand at making cloth nappies with minimal upfront costs. We also offer two paid PDF patterns (Boegoe Bugz Patterns), which are more comprehensive and provide you with step by step instructions and fabric recommendations if you need more guidance. All fabrics recommended under each cloth nappy type can be purchased from our online store.

Fitted Nappies

We recommend using Cotton Fleece, Bamboo/Hemp French Terry, or Bamboo fleece for fitted diapers.

Pocket Nappies and Inserts

Pocket Nappies require a waterproof outer fabric. Use PUL or Waterproof Softshell for the outer layer. Inner layers are traditionally made from a stay-dry fabric like Microfleece or Suedecloth, but Inserts can be made from Bamboo Fleece or Cotton Fleece.

Nappy Covers

Waterproof covers are made using PUL or Waterproof Softshell fabric. The edges can be bound with fold-over elastic. Water resistant covers are more breathable (but not quite as bombproof as waterproof covers) and a great solution for nighttime to be worn over flats and fitteds. Water resistant covers can be made from thick polar fleece which is available at all mainstream fabric stores.


No pattern is needed for making flats. Newborn flats are around 50cmx50cm and OSFM size flats are around 70cmx70cm. You can use Hemp Jersey or Hemp/Bamboo jersey to make ultra trim flats. Be sure to wash your fabric before cutting to allow for the shrinkage.

Newborn Fitteds

Newborn fitteds can be made from Cotton Fleece or Bamboo Fleece.  Add a PUL layer outside and you have a newborn all-in-one nappy.

Extra notions needed

You will also need some good quality braided elastic (we prefer 8mm width), nappy closure of your choice (we offer KAM snaps and diaper quality hook and loop), good quality polyester sewing thread and ballpoint machine needles. If you want to use snaps, you will also need KAM pliers for attaching the snaps.

Optional extras are wonder clips, rotary cutter and cutting board, and tailors pens for marking your fabrics as you sew.

And finally, have a look at our handy guide for sewing with waterproof PUL fabrics.

Happy sewing!

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      Hi Stephane

      Yes you can and one layer is enough, but hemp jersey is more ideal as it’s more absorbent, trimmer and snappi fasteners grip the fabric better.

  1. Good day,

    I want to buy bamboo inserts for my pocket nappies but im wondering if there isnt bamboo flats or something like that that I can use that will work just as well as bamboo inserts?

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  2. Hi Elmary/ anyone at Minimatters

    What is the measurement of your material? Are they all the same? I wanna make flats but have no idea if i must work on 150cm drop or ?

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      The width of each fabric is specified under the product description. They are all slightly different so just select the fabric you want and scroll down to the description. There it will give you all the details on that specific fabric.

  3. I want to make adult AIO
    PUL for outer layer with flannel on top of PUL then hemp jersey to absorb.
    Do I need to put something on top of hemp to keep skin dry.
    I’m new would love help

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