At Mini Matters we take great pride in our nappy covers. In fact, they were voted South Africa’s favourite locally made covers in 2020! We now have several types of nappy covers on offer, all with our signature silky soft elastics, fully waterproof fabric and featuring tried and tested fits.

Snap-Duo Shell/OSFM PUL Cover

One-Size PUL Covers (5kgs – 17kgs)

These are wipeable, breathable waterproof covers that can be re-used several times before needing to be washed. They are trim and stretchy, which makes for a great  daytime option to use over flats, trim fitteds and prefolds. These covers can also be used as part of the Mini Matters all-in-two nappy system with our snap-in trifolds (Snap-Duo). One-size PUL covers are not designed to fit over large or bulky nappies.

One-Size Softshell Covers (5kgs – 17kgs)

OSFM Softshell cover

These breathable waterproof covers feature an extra soft layer of fleece on the inside. This type of cover is roomy and is particularly popular for use with night nappies. They need to be washed after each use. Our Mini Matters moms love the plush fleece inner for sensitive baby skin.

OSFM AirFlo Cover

One-Size Airflo Covers (5kgs – 17kgs)

These are our ultra-breathable waterproof covers with a roomy fit, so they are a great option for both day and night-time use and can accommodate bulkier nappies. They also feature a wipeable TPU inner, much like our PUL covers, so can be wiped down between changes and used several times before needing to be washed. They can be worn over flats, fitteds and prefolds. 

MINI Covers (Newborn – 8kgs) 

MINI Cover

Our Mini covers are suitable for new-born and petite babies. These covers are designed to fit longer than other newborn covers and can be used up to 8kg  depending on your baby’s build. Mini Covers are available in PUL, Softshell and Airflo options and are suitable to be worn over flats, fitteds and prefolds.

Cover Comparison Chart (One-Size)

PUL CoverSoftshell CoverAirflo Cover
ProtectionFully WaterproofFully WaterproofFully Waterproof
Inside FinishWipeablePlushWipeable

Size Reference for different Mini Matters covers

Breathable waterproof covers require special laundry care to ensure that they perform at their best and to prevent premature deterioration or damage. Please refer to our handy laundry guide to find out how best to care for your Mini Matter covers.

About the author : Elmarie Robson


  1. June Du Toit January 24, 2022 at 5:09 pm - Reply

    Where can I buy printed waterproof PUL fabric

    • Elmarie Robson January 28, 2022 at 10:45 am - Reply

      We are expecting a shipment of beautiful printed PUL fabric in February, then you will be able to order it from our online store

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