Mini Matters Probiotic Laundry Liquid – an exciting update!

Mini Matters Probiotic Laundry Liquid was launched in June 2021, and the feedback that we have received since then has been phenomenal. From eczema disappearing and thrush issues resolved to smell issues being a thing of the past, the positive feedback just keeps coming!

While there are a lot of laundry products on the market that make elaborate claims, we wanted to ensure that what we say is what it really does. After an entire year of trailing, getting feedback, and taking the time to do thorough testing before making any bold claims to this amazing product it is now official! Our laundry liquid contains the probiotic strains that have proven to effectively eliminate and control mould, candida (thrush) and other harmful pathogens. It is not a once-off product, but performs through continual use. If used in this way, you will not have to strip nappies with bleach and it does not contribute to harmful microbes building up resistance as with most traditional sterilisers. 

Sounds exciting, but what does this mean?

This means that if you have a baby with a yeast infection or mould on your nappies, you do not need to use bleach or any additional sterilising products. Treating your nappies with the Mini Matters Laundry Liquid will eliminate harmful spores and pathogens and assist in preventing future problems if used continuously.

How does it work?

Most disinfectants work by killing pathogens on contact, but the more we use these chemical products, the more pathogens start building up immunity and can eventually turn into superbugs that are very hard to destroy. With a cleverly formulated probiotic product like the Mini Matters Probiotic wash, pathogens get eliminated through a process called competitive exclusion. Basically, the good bacteria ‘take over’ the habitat of the bad pathogens so that they cannot survive in the environment being treated (in this case your nappies, clothing and washing machine). It has a residual cleaning effect, meaning that even after washing, the probiotics remain on the fibres and work their magic. Doing your laundry with this detergent continuously will ensure that these pathogens do not return and they will stay away for good. 

What other benefits does this detergent offer?

This product is not just for nappies, you can use it to do all your household laundry, including clothing, bedding, pet blankets etc. It is a high-performance product that cleans exceptionally well when used correctly. Because nappies come into constant contact with human waste, it’s very important that a high-quality laundry detergent is used. Keeping with the Mini Matters ethos in being kind to the environment and always ensuring the safety of our children, the Mini Matters Probiotic Laundry Liquid offers the following:

  • 100% Biodegradable and greywater safe (it’s useful to water your garden with your washing machine water, but not nappy washing water). It benefits all wastewater systems.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Phosphate free
  • Non-volatile, non-corrosive and non-toxic
  • 100% plant based and vegan friendly
  • No added dyes
  • Conforms to the highest Type 1 Eco Standards
  • Naturally softens fibres without causing build-up
  • Performs well in hard water environments
  • Proudly made in South Africa from locally sourced ingredients

Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. Here’s what fellow moms have had to say.

  • Favourite laundry detergent ever! Cleans our nappies amazingly and gets the most stubborn stains out! And it smells incredible! – Michaela
  • We use Mini Matters laundry detergent for our clothes and nappies, and we absolutely love it! – Sune
  • The Mini Matters probiotic laundry soap is amazing! The nappies smell fantastic after every wash. – Monique
  • The probiotic laundry liquid from Mini Matters is amazing. I just love how fresh my nappies smell after washing them. Never going back to regular detergent for my nappies! – Nadia
  • Wow is all I can say about the new Probiotic Laundry Liquid. It has made my nappies nice and soft as well as my clothes. I tried one bottle and have just ordered two more. I love the cost-effectiveness too! – Cherri-Lee
  • We are loving the Probiotic Laundry Liquid so far. I think it is the freshest my nappies have ever been! We have hard water, so at the moment I am using 100ml. We are actually considering switching over for our normal laundry as well. We will definitely buy it again. – Neeltje
  • Since using my Mini Matters Probiotic Laundry Liquid on my clothing and underwear I have not experienced any thrush. It cleans everything from my bathroom mats to my dresses. It is all I use. – Emma

What about the Mini Matters Sterilising Liquid?

You can find out more about this product and how to use it here. While it used to be our official recommendation to use the sterilising liquid for treatment of nappies after a yeast infection, the confirmed data on our Laundry Liquid’s efficacy against pathogens means that it is no longer essential to treat your nappies with the steriliser and that the laundry liquid on its own is sufficient. However, you can still use it for that purpose as it is a colour-safe alternative to bleach, and a good option to treat pre-loved nappies and create a ‘clean slate’. It has many other uses too!

  • Used neat as an alcohol-free hand sanitiser
  • Used as a surface disinfectant around the house
  • We have it in a spray bottle in the bathroom to clean potties
  • Cleans pet messes and toddler oopsies on the floor

Please refer to our updated information on stripping nappies here for further information. 

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