Snap Press Dies

R150.00R330.00 (Incl VAT)

Assorted die sets for use with our Snap Press. Dies for plastic and metal snaps.




Die sets for our snap presses can be purchased separately if you need an extra set or would like a different size. Dies are the separate pieces that screw into your snap press and inserts your snaps. Each different type and size snap needs it’s own unique set of dies.

Terms and Conditions

Presses and dies may have oil remnants, dust, rust, uneven or chipped paint or surfaces, paint/surface scratches or peeling, knicks and/or other purely cosmetic imperfections from the manufacturing and/or transit process. Rest assured that none of these blemishes will affect the function of the product. We recommend you wipe the press and dies down before use and attach a few snaps on scrap fabric to clean the dies out. Please understand any cosmetic flaws are beyond our control, and we are unable to replace or refund any press or dies unless a defect affects the function of the item. Please factor this into your decision to proceed with your purchase.