Probiotic Laundry Liquid

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Probiotic Laundry Liquid.

Perfect for all laundry and very effective on cloth nappies. 100% biodegradable and natural ingredients. Enriched with good bacteria that controls mould, pathogens and odours naturally.

*As this is a natural product, the appearance of your laundry liquid may differ from the product picture depending on the fragrance.

1L = up to 20 washes

5L = up to 100 washes



Mini Matters Probiotic Laundry Liquid has been specially formulated to keep laundry clean and smelling fresh without the use of harsh chemicals. This all natural laundry detergent is enriched with good bacteria to control and eliminate mould, pathogens and odours the natural way, making it an excellent choice for cloth nappies, cloth menstrual pads and everyday laundry.


  • Benefits septic systems, wastewater plants and grey water systems
  • Cleans your washing machine and keeps it free from odours with every wash
  • Tough on stains while being gentle on skin
  • Made from all natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Non-corrosive and non-toxic
  • Lingering natural fragrance
  • Suitable for hard water environments
  • Safe to use alongside Mini Matters Oxy Bubbles for very stubborn stains


Heavy soil – 75ml

Medium Soil – 50ml

The amount of laundry liquid may need to be increased for hard water environments and some top loaders. You can adjust the amount of detergent used to suit your needs.

Avoid using this product alongside antibacterial and chlorine bleach products. These products will destroy the beneficial bacteria and the detergent will not be effective.

Do not exceed 40 degree C washing temperatures.

This product is free from Phosphates, Phthalates, EDTA, SLS, Chlorine bleach, Ammonium and Petrochemicals