The Mini Matters OMNIA nappy is back! We’re delighted to bring you V2 of our crème de la crème nappy – our ultimate solution if you want luxury, convenience, and ease of use.

This is our recommended nappy to send to daycare, for dads, nannies, grannies – basically everyone who may feel a little intimidated by the whole idea of cloth. You can use this nappy as a snap-in-one or pocket style.


  • Super strong, no scratch velcro closure, so it goes on just like a disposable
  • Rolled elastics for an extra gentle fit and to prevent moisture wicking at the legs
  • A snap at the back for snapping in inserts
  • Made from our signature AIRflo fabric that is ultra-cool, fast drying and breathable
  • Adjusts to fit babies form around 5kgs up to older toddlers
  • A Waterproof tummy panel/flap to prevent leaks and hold your SIO insert in place

4 choices of inserts: (add a booster or two if needed to adjust absorbency to your baby’s output. A cloth nappy should last at least 2 hours and should not be left on for longer than 3 hours during the day).

  • The Mini Matters Standard Trifold insert. You can use this insert for both the pocket and snap-in-one option. Do add a booster or two if needed.
  • The Mini Matters Deluxe Trifold inserts. Use this only if you are using the OMNIA as a snap-in-one nappy. It does not fit well stuffed into a pocket but is fantastic as a snap-in-one option to provide a double gusset effect.
  • A pad folded flat. Use this only if you are using the OMNIA as a pocket nappy. If drying time and budget is important to you, this is your best option.
  • Any pocket inserts you may already have at home. These will only work if you are using the nappy as a pocket style.

Mini Matters Standard Snap-In Trifold

Mini Matters Deluxe Snap-In Trifold

Mini Matters Slim Cotton Flat Pad-Folded

How to use – As a snap-in-one nappy:

  1. Fold you insert and snap it into your Omnia shell
  2. Position the insert correctly in the center of the nappy
  3. Tuck the front end of the insert under the tummy flap to keep it in place
  4. You can add a disposable or washable liner on top (optional)

Snap your trifold into the Omnia nappy shell

Deluxe Trifold ready for use as snap-in-one style

How to use – as a pocket nappy:

  1. If using a Mini Matters trifold, fold your insert and snap it into your Omnia shell
  2. Stuff the insert into the pocket opening at the back, ensuring it is straight and well positioned
  3. You can add a disposable or washable liner on top (optional). The pocket lining is made from a moisture wicking fabric that will keep baby’s bum feeling dry, so no additional stay-dry liner is needed.

Snap your trifold into the omnia nappy shell

Stuff the insert into the pocket lining. Nappy is ready to use as a pocket style

Tips for getting a great fit:

  • Always adjust the front rise snaps before attaching/stuffing the inserts
  • Once the nappy has been put on baby, make sure the elastics are tucked into the panty line
  • Run your fingers along the leg elastics. None of the inside lining should stick out. Elastics should be snug with no leg gaps

Washing tips:

  • Always fasten the laundry tabs before washing and during storage
  • Wash your Omnia shells in a mesh laundry bag to keep the velcro in tip top shape
  • Always dry your Omnia nappy in shade or with the lining side (inside) facing the sun

Please refer to our Laundry Guide for comprehensive wash instructions.

About the author : Elmarie Robson

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