How to make a nappy shell/cover

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There are many different methods to make a nappy. Here’s a quick guide on how I made a snap-in waterproof shell for my baby. I did not make an insert with it as I have enough in my collection, but you can make a matching snap-in insert using our Cotton Fleece, Organic Hemp or Bamboo fabric. You will need; A … Read More

How To Cut Fabric Correctly

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Have you ever owned a piece of clothing that pulled to one side, got longer as the day goes on or just didn’t fit quite right? Chances are it was cut incorrectly. Yes, there is a right and wrong way to cut fabric, and it can make a huge difference to your end product! Grain Lines The most important part … Read More

The Local Debate – South African Textiles

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I love fabric. There’s just something about holding a luxurious piece of cloth in your hands, freshly cut – a wealth of potential in its fibers. I am also passionate about the topic of ethical shopping and supporting our local industries as much as possible. Knowing exactly how and where my beautiful fabric came into being is the cherry on … Read More

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns and Sewing Guides

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Free Cloth Diaper Patterns and Sewing Guides There are many free cloth nappy patterns available for download. This is a good place to start if you would like to try your hand at making cloth nappies with minimal upfront costs. We also offer two paid PDF patterns (Boegoe Bugz Patterns), which are more comprehensive and provide you with step by … Read More

Sewing With waterproof PUL Fabrics

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Sewing With Waterproof PUL  Fabrics Let’s face it, some of the specialized fabrics most commonly used in cloth nappies are not the easiest to work with – PUL is one of them. But with a few simple tips and tricks, you can easily master working with this fabric and create beautiful waterproof works of art. It certainly is worth mastering, … Read More

Cloth Diaper Fabrics Explained

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Cloth Diaper Fabrics Explained With the wonderful world of modern cloth diapers comes a wide selection of technical and speciality fabrics used for specific purposes in cloth diapers. Whether you want to sew your own or just make an informed choice of the best options for you in ready made diapers, this guide will help you understand the fabrics most … Read More