The Lowdown On Stripping Your Nappies

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Stripping nappies is a hot topic in the modern cloth nappy world. It is a term commonly used to refer to the treatment of your nappies for the purpose of removing a build-up of smells, a deep clean or to sterilise.  Why or when do I need to strip my nappies? You may never need to strip your nappies, which … Read More

Cloth Diapering Tips For Summer

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Summertime is something every cloth mom looks forward to. Fewer clothes equal less laundry, and we get to show off those pretty cloth bums.  A common concern from parents is whether cloth nappies are hotter than disposables and whether they are comfortable for babies to wear in the hot South African summers. The good news is that, while cloth nappies … Read More

Mini Matters Nappy Cover Comparisons – Which ones to buy?

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At Mini Matters we take great pride in our nappy covers. In fact, they were voted South Africa’s favourite locally made covers in 2020! We now have several types of nappy covers on offer, all with our signature silky soft elastics, fully waterproof fabric and featuring tried and tested fits. One-Size PUL Covers (5kgs – 17kgs) These are wipeable, breathable … Read More

Ultimate Guide To Cloth Nappy Laundry

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Welcome to the ultimate cloth nappy laundry guide! Did you know that modern cloth nappies are easy to clean, stinky nappies are not normal, and a good laundry routine will guarantee your cloth nappies to come out squeaky clean every time? Let us help you get it right. 1. Prepping your new nappies Covers: Give all covers a quick wash … Read More

SNAP-DUO all-in-two nappy system

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Introducing the Mini Matters Snap-Duo All-in-two nappy system V2. This system was voted SA’s favorite by South African Cloth Nappy Users in 2020! You have probably heard all about the amazing advantages of all-in-two nappies; space saving, economical, easy to use etc. A true all-in-two nappy system consists of a wipeable, waterproof shell and inserts that snap into the shell. … Read More

Does Cloth Have a Carbon Footprint?

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Whatever your reason for going cloth, it was already a step towards reducing your carbon footprint. We all know by now that it takes many years for disposables to decompose (those of us who are parents and were in disposables know our nappies are still lying there somewhere) and that baby poop on landfills are hazardous contamination risks for our … Read More

Cloth For A Cause

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We are excited to announce a new initiative by Mini Matters called ‘Cloth for a Cause’. We want to do our part in giving back to causes that are close to our hearts. Over the next few months we will be adding a few ‘causes’ towards which we will be contributing a portion of our sales to. We have designed … Read More

New to Cloth Nappies? Start Here!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of cloth nappies! Want to use cloth nappies on your baby? Here’s a summary of everything you need to know to get started – in ‘easy to understand’ terms! The world of modern cloth diapering is full of complicated terms and nappy types, but we thought of picking out the important stuff for you. Types … Read More

A Dad’s Guide to the scary world of Cloth Diapering – from one Dad to another

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I was horrified when, at the imminent arrival of our second child, my wife announced she had decided to take the plunge and use cloth nappies. I didn’t even know people still used those things. I mean, why mess with the beautifully clean, efficient and modern system of disposable diapers which so magnificently rescued us from the perils of those … Read More

Cloth Diaper Fabrics Explained

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Cloth Diaper Fabrics Explained With the wonderful world of modern cloth diapers comes a wide selection of technical and speciality fabrics used for specific purposes in cloth diapers. Whether you want to sew your own or just make an informed choice of the best options for you in ready made diapers, this guide will help you understand the fabrics most … Read More

Cloth Diapering Dictionary

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Cloth Diapering can be overwhelming at first, especially with all the cloth lingo that gets bandied about. Here is a list of some of the most used terms in cloth diapering: Cloth Diaper Types Cloth Diaper Additions Cloth Diaper Parts Cloth Diaper Accessories Cloth Diaper Fabrics Commonly Used Terms & Abbreviations Cloth Diaper Types All-in-one – a one step type … Read More

Why go cloth?

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The case for using cloth nappies The idea of using cloth nappies evokes all sorts of reactions from people – from people who think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread to those who find it downright absurd and backward. There is a whole lot more to it than that though – here are the main reasons for, as we … Read More